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As you are aware of the many changes due to COVID19, we have placed some restrictions on our daily operations. Please see the following:

· Our practice STRONGLY RECOMMENDS our patients to wear a face mask to your office visit.

· We are NOT allowing any visitors with our patients unless the patient REQUIRES assistance. If you arrive with a visitor, your visitor will be asked to wait in the car.

· Upon arrival to your appointment, you will have your temperature taken. If you are running a temperature, you will not have an office visit at the time.

· We STRONGLY RECOMMEND upon arrival and completion of the check-in process for you to go to the restroom and wash your hands.

· If you are scheduled for an in-office procedure, you are to call our office once you arrive and remain in the car until you are instructed to come into our office. Your driver will need to stay in the car for your procedure.

· If you have had any of the following symptoms within the last 14 days you will need to call and reschedule your appointment; ie: fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste, loss of smell, or currently being tested for the coronavirus. If you have been exposed to anyone with coronavirus within the last 14 days you need to call and reschedule your appointment.

We are staying up to date on the CDC guidelines and recommendations, as well as, the American Medical Association. These implementations are being done to provide safety for our staff and our patients. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time. If you have any further questions, please contact our office at 256-464-7855 .

About Pain & Rehabilitation Consultants

Pain and Rehabilitation Consultants (PRC) will provide a multidisciplinary approach to the management of chronic pain and other medical conditions which may benefit from the expertise of a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation. These services will include evaluation of patients from a musculoskeletal approach, with integration of pain management including, but not limited to, medications and more advance interventional pain procedures.

The cost of services will be based on the materials used, the physician’s time and the amount designated for each procedure. Pain and Rehabilitation Consultants’ (PRC) philosophy is that quality of life is an important aspect of optimal health. A good quality of life is greatly influenced by maintaining our functional health. Our goal is to obtain this through; patient education, evaluation of functionality, and addressing pain related issues which preclude activity. Some common conditions which effect musculoskeletal and function include: aging related limitations, post stroke, spinal cord related, neurological conditions, multiple sclerosis and rheumatologic conditions.

What we can do for you.

Pain and Rehabilitation Consultants (PRC) will focus on you as an individual. After the initial evaluation and continuing during the course of management, the patient will be evaluated for the need of additional services that may be of benefit. Some of the services that PRC may recommend during patient management are not available at PRC; however we have established referral resources in the communities that will work with us to render needed services to PRC patients.

Pain and Rehabilitation Consultants will maintain privacy according to the HIPAA rules. All patients will be welcome; our clinic will hold no prejudice to race, creed, color, or socioeconomic status.

The fees we charge are based on a fee schedule accepted by Medicare and third party commercial insurance companies. Payment for services rendered will be required before treatment, in the form of credit cards, debits cards, and cash.

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We offer a wide range of options and our team will tailor a plan to treat your specific needs, circumstances, and preferences. Learn more about the conditions themselves and the opportunities for non-invasive, safe treatment with minimal recovery time.

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What our Clients Say

I went for years not knowing what I was actually being treated for. Dr. McCoomer is the very first Dr to give me a diagnosis and a treatment plan that worked. Him and his staff are all wonderful! I'm blessed to have been referred to him. Thank you all at Pain and Rehabilitation consultants!

Jessica F.

Dr. McCoomer treats people individually. He provides a wide range of techniques and supports physical therapy and other patient participation in their pain management.

Chris S.

I have been very pleased with the service that I have received, friendly staff and a caring doctor, and clean environment!

Jean D.